André Bustamante

VP Human Resources, Political Liaison

Current responsibilities are managing operations of the HR Department for the company and carrying out strategic plan developed for company including political liaison, business development and community liaison. Daily duties monitoring HR and all bank accounts.

Employment History

Owner, RAImprovement

Cleveland, Ohio

Current responsibilities as President are managing operations of the company including carrying out strategic plan developed for this renewable energy system design and installation company (solar, wind and geothermal), business development and community liaison.

Treasurer, African Solar Village Outreach Project, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio

Managed fiduciary responsibilities of 501c3 organization that provides education and training about the renewable energy industry (mainly photovoltaic technology [PV] or solar) with applications such as urban and rural electrification targeted to teaching the minority community about energy independence.

Interim Manager, National Center for Entrepreneurship,
parent company of Entrepreneurial Academy

Cleveland, Ohio

Center for Minority Businesses at Kent State University

Kent, Ohio

For the E-Academy, duties include teaching business based classes for intensive and advanced curriculum for E-Academy students, graduation oversight and satellite development. For the Center duties include project management for generation of historical and statistical data from study of minority businesses in Northeast Ohio, PBS movie development from data and “Confronting the Odds” and assisting staff with website and blog development and maintenance. For the Center and E-Academy, duties include management of staff, budget management, fundraising and grant writing, media management and student recruitment.

Executive Assistant, Office of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim McCormack

Cleveland, Ohio

Executive assistant responsible for managing daily operations of office including: constituent problem resolutions; public policy research and position papers; interface between all County Agency and Department Directors and the Commissioner and supervision of other office personnel. Direct liaison to County Human Recourse Department. Salaried.

Program Officer, Cuyahoga County Work and Training

Cleveland, Ohio

Community Relations assigned to County Commissioners office coordinating individual social service problem resolutions flowing through offices of all elected and appointed Cuyahoga County Administrators. Responsible for research and response to customers, employers, public inquiries, service providers and staff regarding services provided by all Cuyahoga County Agencies. Also serve as a liaison between customers, employers and service providers and County Agencies. Must also represent organization in community forums. Salaried.

MBE Licensee of IQS, Inc., Diversified Knowledge Management

Cleveland, Ohio

Assisted in development of Version 3.0 and owner of computer code to Version 4.0 of the IQS product line. License allows direct sales and joint ventures with IQS of version 5 integrated management software to manufacturing clients and participation in software implementation and maintenance for ISO/QS 9000 and 14000 certification including Crystal Reports and SQL Server Administration. Certified installer of IQS software. Commissioned.

President and General Manager, CALL AND POST Newspaper Group

Cleveland, Ohio

As GM of this family owned and operated company, I was responsible for oversight of all operations from its headquarters reporting directly to the Board of Directors. The company publishes four weekly newspapers, circulated in the State of Ohio. It prints ten other publications including newspapers, tabloids and circulars for its customers. The six operating department managers consisting of News and Editorial, Advertising, Circulation, Production, Printing and the Business Office all report to the GM. The GM oversees operation of all satellite offices as well. Maintained control of Human Resource component and bank accounts. Supervised initial stages of Chapter 11 reorganization. Salaried, bonuses, expense account and Board seat.

Vice President, Clean Energy Inc. And Denmark Energy Inc. as subsidiaries of Bottom Line Productions, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio

Responsibilities included daily operation of corporate and field offices. These family corporations were engaged in commercial property development and oil exploration and drilling having successfully brought online two oil and gas wells in northeast Ohio. Salaried.

Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, First Bank National Association and First Intercity Bancorp, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio

Responsibilities included representing the chairman and the bank at official functions and meetings; and arranging security seminars for all staff while interfacing with federal, state and local enforcement agencies. Liaison for Human Resource department. Salaried.

Tax Examiner, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Boston, Massachusetts

Assigned to the Problem Resolution Office Corporations Division. Duties entailed quick resolution of corporate tax cases referred from the Governor, federal and state Senators and Representatives, the State Tax Commissioner and other offices within the Department of Revenue utilizing priority clearance within all bureaus and offices within the Revenue Department. Civil service salary.

Director of Business Affairs, Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center Inc

Boston, Massachusetts

Started as Accounts Receivable Officer, supervising cashiers, financial counselors and the monthly billing of grants and contracts in order to maintain adequate cash flow. Reorganized patient billing procedure and upgraded Digital mainframe to house new accounts receivable system. New management filed Chapter 11 reorganization and gave a promotion to Director of Business Affairs. Additional responsibilities included preparation and submission of fiscal reports to the court. Included accounts payable on the mainframe and created a general ledger to produce monthly financial statements for the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. Monitored Human Resource Department. Salaried.

Tax Examiner, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Boston, Massachusetts

Assigned to the Income Tax Field Audit Bureau. Audited assigned cases of individuals, sole proprietors and partnerships according to department guidelines. Filed adjustments and summary reports with department heads. Civil service salary.

Reports and Analysis Accountant, Trustees of Health and Hospitals of the City of Boston, Incorporated

Boston, Massachusetts

Started as Budget Controller instructing administrative assistants to department heads on proper procedure for journalizing transactions. Prepared quarterly and annual operation reports for departments and approved all expenditures. Upon promotion to Reports and Analysis Accountant, added duties included review and analysis of all programs funded by federal, state and city governments as well as monitoring compliance with financial guidelines as stipulated in grant awards and contracts. Maintained all administrative files and prepared fiscal data for computer input. Salaried.

Assistant Manager, Kinney Systems

Boston, Massachusetts

Duties entailed management of two eight-man crews for morning rush hour in two locations including accounting and auditing cash receipts and ticketing. Liaison for monthly renters.

Auditor, Wang Laboratories, Inc

Lowell, Massachusetts

Audited all overdue, inactive and problem accounts in order to balance ledger system.

Assistant, Bustamante Enterprises, Inc

Atwater, California

Assessed and collected customer charges; placed contractual applicants on a master floor plan; managed technical and logistical operations of equipment and personnel during construction and disassembly of all structures at show times.

Counselor, Harrison-Ross Mortuaries

Los Angeles, California

Sales representative coordinating arrangements for aggrieved families. Synchronized efforts of employees involved in services. Commissioned.

Census Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau

Boston, Massachusetts

Coordinated a six-member team to canvass a three-precinct area going door to door gathering statistics for the 1980 census.

Assistant to the Comptroller, First Bank National Association

Cleveland, Ohio

Bank Intern responsible for procurement of purchases and sales of federal funds through repurchase agreements. Monitored certificates of deposit and United States Treasury bills for renewal or liquidation.

Intern, Bustamante, Donohoe & Palmisano, Co.,LPA

Cleveland, Ohio

Reorganized and monitored system for closed cases. Assisted in preparation of files for current corporate caseloads.


Bachelor of Arts, Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts
  • Co -Founder and President-Boston University NAACP
  • Co -Founder and President-Boston University P.U.S.H.
  • Technical Director of Drama Collective
  • Staff Writer – Middle Passage Newspaper
  • Intramural Football

Continuing Education Seminars

  • 1984 – University of Massachusetts Institute for Government Services – Audit Techniques
  • 1986 – Foundation for Continuing Education-Basic Corporation Problems
  • 1988 – American Bankers Association Seminar on Stockholder Relations
  • 1991 – American Academy of Locksmiths
  • 1996 – COMP USA training for Windows 95, Lotus and Corel
  • 1997 – Franklin Quest Time Management Seminar
  • 1997 – COMP USA training for MS Excel, MS Word and Advanced Windows 95
  • 1998 – Dun & Bradstreet Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Credit Analysis
  • 1998 – COMP USA training for MS PowerPoint, Outlook 97, Quicken 6.0, MS Access, MS Publisher, WordPerfect, MS Office for Windows & MS Front Page
  • 1998 – IQS IPM software implementation certification for ISO/QS 9000 and ISO/QS 14000 including Crystal Reports and SQL Server Administration
  • 2000 – Ohio Welfare Conference Diversity Training and Substance Abuse Awareness
  • 2001 – Community Faith Based Funding Workshop – State of Ohio
  • 2001 – United States Power Squadron Boating Safety
  • 2001 – Conflict Management Workshop – State of Ohio
  • 2006 – Intensive Study – Kent state University

Business Affiliations

  • ColdFall Corporation, Board of Directors
  • R.A. Energy International, Inc., Board of Directors
  • Youth Development Council, Chairman

Past Business Affiliations

  • Advocates, Board of Directors
  • African American History Museum, Cultural Excellence Committee
  • African American Mens Political Action Committee, Board of Directors
  • African American Museum, Board of Trustees
  • Al Haqq Newsletter, Editorial Board
  • American Entrepreneurs Association
  • Clergy United for Juvenile Justice, Volunteer
  • Cleveland Playhouse, Audience Development Committee
  • Cleveland NAACP, Board of Directors and Press and Publicity Committee Chair
  • Cleveland Public Schools, Advocacy and Accountability Committee
  • Cleveland Public Schools, Oversight Committee
  • Cleveland Public Schools, Summit Council
  • Cleveland Job Corps, Community Relations Committee
  • Granville Academy, Board of Trustees
  • International Preparatory School, Teacher
  • National Center for Entrepreneurship, Board of Directors
  • National Minority Golf Association, Board of Directors
  • Ohio Bush-Quayle ‘92 Co-Chairman
  • Ohio Citizens Advisory Council
  • Ohio Special Delegate to Republican National Convention
  • Outstanding Young Americans, Men’s Selection Committee
  • Outstanding Young Americans, Women’s Selection Committee
  • P.W. Publishing Co., Inc., Board of Directors
  • Republican National Committee, Special Minority Advisory Committee of the Chairman
  • Reynards Social Club
  • SCLC, Cleveland Chapter, Board of Directors
  • Spirit of a Rainbow
  • The Southeast Journal of Education, Tennessee State University, Editorial Board
  • United Negro College Fund, Lou Rawls Parade of Stars
  • University Circle Inc., Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

Life Memberships

  • Longriders
  • N.A.F.C., Charter Member
  • National Rifle Association
  • Republican National Committee


  • 2006 Letter of Appreciation Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson
  • 2006 Certificate of Recognition US House of Representatives 11th District Ohio
  • 2006 Special Recognition City of Cleveland City Council Ward 5
  • 2006 Proclamation Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners
  • 2004 Elected Who’s Who in Black Cleveland
  • 2001 Certificate of Appreciation, Cuyahoga Work and Training
  • 1998 Elected Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs