Coal Conversion

Coal is used in energy production, steel-making, cement manufacturing and to produce liquid fuels.

Given the abundance of U.S. coal reserves, it is reasonable to assume that coal-derived fuels could play an increased role in meeting future global energy needs. The main technologies for liquid fuel production from coal (also referred to as coal to liquid or CTL) are indirect and direct liquefaction, but these methods are not as efficient as they should be.


Indirect and direct liquefaction

  • are extremely capital intensive
  • consume large amounts of water, and
  • produce large amounts of CO2 and other pollutants.

More efficient solutions are in sight.

There is a need to develop new, less capital-intensive technologies for liquid fuel production from coal that have low CO2 emissions and do not require large quantities of water. COLDFALL is developing a promising alternative to the current state of the art.